Hotel Restaurant Klosterstueble


1) Town-Hall
2) Old Rathskeller
3) St. Jakob's School
4) St. Jakob's Church
5) Free Imperial Town Museum
6) Franciscan Church
7) Castle Gate

8) Castle Garden
9) Chapel of St. Blasius
10) Medieval Crime Museum
11) St. John's Church
12) Doll and Toy Museum
13) Art Exhibition
14) Toppler Castle

15) Old Rothenburg Craftsmen House
16) Markus Tower
17) White Tower
18) Klingentor
19) Galgen Gate
20) Roedertor
21) Gerlach's Forge

Drive through the Galgen Gate 19 in the historic center and follow the red line to the hotel. You can find another town map at

For a detailed description from your starting point to Rothenburg use the map calculator.

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Start (Germany)

Hotel Restaurant Kloster-Stüble
Heringsbronnengässchen 5
D-91541 Rothenburg (Deutschland)
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